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Privacy Policy

LFE Website Privacy Policy.

In general LFE abides by the Australian privacy principles as per the Australian Government Privacy Act, 1988.


LFE collects data through its website for the purposes set out below.

  • To monitor the function of the website. This collects individual browsing activity as logs, which are purged periodically and may be reviewed when necessary for the purposes of maintaining the website. Browsing data is not linked to or collated with personal information.


  • To communicate with users that contact LFE through the website. This personal contact data is only collected when initiated by the user. This will typically result in some or all of the personal contact data being stored in other LFE systems which are maintained with secure access controls, for the purpose of communicating with the user.


  • If negotiation for the provision of services is an outcome of communication, the personal contact data may subsequently be used and stored in other LFE systems or third party
    systems, which are also maintained with secure access controls for the purposes of assessing eligibility, quoting on services or providing services to the user. The personal contact data may also be communicated to Australian Government departments or third party service providers for the same purposes.


Third parties collecting or accessing data through the LFE website.

  • Google LLC. Collects aggregated browsing data used by Jala Design for the purposes of maintaining the website, and to provide a map service to the LFE website. This data collection is subject to Google’s privacy policy.


  • Jala Design (web developer) may access logged browsing data and aggregated browsing data for the purposes of maintaining the website. This data is subject to Jala Design’s privacy policy.


  • Meta (facebook). Collects home page browsing data during the task of replicating posts from the LFE facebook webpage (providing a news feed). This data is subject to Meta’s
    aggregation policies and privacy policy.


General LFE Data Privacy Policies.

  • LFE has a general policy to maintain privacy of personal data for both clients and staff. LFE uses secure internal systems with controls to limit access to personal data of clients to only staff relevant for the provision of services to individuals.


  • In order to enable the provision of services funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), LFE may be required to collect and provide a considerable amount of current and historic personal data including health data captured by LFE staff, systems, contractors and health professionals to the National Disability Insurance Authority (NDIA), health professionals and other contractors in order to allow LFE and those organisations and professionals to assess eligibility, cooperate in the development of plans and provision of services to an individual as well as including but not limited to performance assessment and verification of NDIS funded services provided in the past.


  • This data may be stored securely on LFE systems, or this data may be stored on software services provided by professional solution providers who have suitably secure capability for managing this data. This data may be stored for several years after capture or as long as legally required. This data has suitable controls over access so only relevant staff and
    relevant external parties are provided access.


  • LFE will not provide personal information to third parties for unrelated services. LFE will not sell personal information.


  • LFE may cooperate with court orders, requests by Australian Government authorities with legal authority or other legal orders to provide personal data.


Access to and Updating of your personal information stored by LFE.

You may write to LFE at L2/55 Boorowa St, Young, NSW, 2594 to request a copy of your stored personal information or update your stored personal information, or you may email requests to


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