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100 Main St premises, Stage 1 SCCF grant redevelopment nearly complete.

Image of After External

After External

replacing the exterior cladding with a modern cladding to address the dilapidated external appearance. the addition of a modern personal care room, enlarged kitchen space.

Image of After Internal

After Internal

General refresh of the internal space including insulation, automatic doors, floorings internal walls, replacement of wiring, lighting, and provision of modern air-conditioning.

Conversion of the warehouse space into a more appropriate indoors multipurpose area.

Image of After Lounge

After Lounge

Providing an area for participants to access computers and the internet for their IT needs and training.

Once this update is complete, 100 Main St will again serve as a hub for community based individual and group support operations, as well as continue to serve the needs of the Young food hall, a vital community service.


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