Registered NDIS Provider


LFE is a Not-for-Profit, Benevolent Community organisation & Registered Charity Limited by Guarantee. It is also a Registered Provider of the NDIS. As such, the organisation is required to adhere to a wide range of Acts of law, both State and Federal, and meet considerably high benchmarks of ethical, professional and accounting standards.
To date, these standards have been consistently and proudly met, essentially through the stability of a sound working relationship between the Board and Management. This long-standing culture, established over many decades, is underpinned by a clear Mission & Vision, and by Governance and Management Policies and Procedures.

The Board of Directors

Established as a community initiative, the tradition of Membership largely coming from the community has remained, with Membership open to community members upon application.
Nominations to the Board are received, from the Membership, prior to the Annual General Meeting, for election at same. Nomination is for a two (2) year period, with nominations of half the Board annually, to enhance continuity and stability by staggering the changeover. Every effort is made to obtain a balanced skill-set within the Board, appropriate to the demands of the role’s responsibilities.

Board members

President: Roz Hill

Vice President: Tony Foster

Secretary: Joy Rule

Treasurer: Bradley Mcmillan

Director: Peter Nieuwendyk

Director: Brian Davis

Director: Mary Dodd

Director: Jane Douch


CEO: Sally Hofman

Human Resources Executive: Penny Gibson

Accommodation Executive: Rhonda Gilbert

Our History

Lambing flat Enterprises was established in 1972 by a small group of community members who recognised the needs of local communities within the now Hilltops region, for services appropriate to people with a disability.

Commencing as a humble Sheltered Workshop, strongly supported by fund-raising activities by its committee during its first decade, LFE has, over its fifty plus (50+) years of operation, provided a wide range of services to reflect the ever changing needs of its community, in line with changing government policies and funding programmes during that time. For several decades, LFE established and proudly provided numerous, much needed, essential services of the times, including Early Childhood Intervention, Mental Health Supports, Respite Care, Accommodation & Supported Employment.

With the advent of the NDIS, LFE again adjusted to marrying current community needs to Government philosophies, policies and funding guidelines, establishing Support Co-ordination & Plan Management services, Community Connection and Health & Well-Being programs to accommodate this major change.

Policies and Procedures 2023

Policies and Procedures 2023

LFE NDIS Pricelist

LFE NDIS Pricelist

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